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August 16th, 2010
03:41 pm


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stuff i did recently...
even though i've been pretty sick since last friday night, i've accomplished a few things:

- trials bike -

i managed to bend my non-drive side crank the other day after flopping awkwardly off of a 2-1/2" wall trying to do a 180. pretty much the bike's weight from the drop bent it. they are XC cranks... on sunday i installed some truvativ hussefelt downhill-worthy ones. they seem to weigh about the same. not sure yet, but i can swear i can feel that they are stiffer after a few gap hops to rear wheel on the curb which i maybe shouldn't have done because i worked up a sweat while i was still feverish.

- laptop computer music -

after getting tired of xmms and jack sounding like a bunch of choppy crippity-crap even after yum updates and compiling the newest version of qjackctl that would work on my centos 5.2 OS i decided to spearhead a quest to make playing mp3's through jack less annoying. i might have been able to just get a lightweight media player working easily, but i have always liked the xmms project (since about 1998?) and was excited to hear that xmms2 existed now and seemed like it only had a few system dependencies (sqlite) and might be worth trying to compile.

got the DrNo build of xmms2 and quickly found that i had to upgrade sqlite to a version that was higher than any of my current rpm repositories. i just crammed version on there without uninstalling the original rpm and will worry about it later. next had to get mpg123-devel (thru yum) and also got wavpack-devel. i'll worry about other formats in a little bit once i get everything the way i want it.

i also decided that i wanted to use the xmms2 gui client "clone" of the original xmms, promoe. after a stumbling block that was fixed by using gmake-qt4 instead of qmake to configure the build i got it built. still not sure how to access it, but...

next i had to download an init script that someone wrote for xmms2d that had an invalid "-d" flag in the start command which i replaced with a "--yes-run-as-root" flag.

finally, i had to download and install the newest alsa-plugins package so that xmms2d had a way to talk to jack-audio-connection-kit.

right now, i've got everything config'd so that i can use the xmms2 command line to control the playlist. the best part: no audio skips! next i'll figure out this promoe thing and it'll be like back in the old days, except i might be able to scratch with terminatorX or use puredata over top of whatever i'm playing. :)

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Date:August 16th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
This is easily the geekiest post I've read all week.
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