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awesome hack for stupid soundmax hd drivers... - 001101000011001000110000 [toothpaste for dinner] [d's dairytwist] [my chingoo lisa] [ndanger] [dorkbot] [boingboing] [pghalleycat] [twojeez] [o'doyle rules!] [urbanvelo.org] [east end brewing] [aaron's bike adventures] [johnk@spumco] ['ol Sideburns] [mitch] [skandsen motorsport]
June 13th, 2013
02:06 pm


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awesome hack for stupid soundmax hd drivers...

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Date:June 13th, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
it works! no rebooting needed. follow the instructions to edit the INF file and then open device manager. right click soundmax HD driver and select "update driver". tell xp you want to install from a specific location, then select "don't search. i will choose the driver to install". browse to the folder containing the INF you edited. the hacked driver will show up on the list under the recommended driver. select the new driver. ignore the warnings about it not being digitally signed. to verify, double click the speaker icon on the lower right of your taskbar and go to options>properties. click the "recording" button selector and you should now see "stereo mix" and "mono out" in the list.
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